You don’t have to stay dry to stay warm.

In June we had to say goodbye to the larger than life surf legend Jack O’Neill, who was – by many considered –  the inventor of the wetsuit. Also, with the recent news of Patagonia’s new eco-friendly wetsuit, it’s time for an article on the past, present and future whereabouts of our rubber suits. 1950‘s…

For the love of longboarding.

Longboarding – surfing with a surfboard taller than 9 inch – is a whole different feel than when you’re out with a shortboard. Instead of an explosive style of surfing, you can relax and let the wave do the work. And who isn’t for relaxing? Surfing is all about catching waves and enjoying the ride…

Under the arctic sky

The new film ‘Under the arctic sky’  of the famous surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkard has recently been released on Netflix. Obviously we couldn’t wait to check it out.

Clean surfing.

The surf community is moving constantly and keeps growing for decades. I believe that we are facing one of the biggest challenges in the human history. 

What surfboard fits you the most?

 As a good friend once told me: “You need to find a board which allows you to catch the most waves. That’s how you improve, and that’s how you enjoy it.”