Book review: I love the seaside

The surf and travel guide book review

Why do waves come in sets?

Well, it is an interesting question with an – only slightly – complex answer. In order to understand this phenomenon we’ve got to break this wave science in a couple of chapters.

How to surf clean

The surf community is moving constantly and keeps growing for decades. I believe that we are facing one of the biggest challenges in the human history. 

Essential tips for an economic vanlife

This summer has been all about surf, surf and surf. This is how we traveled for two months in a van through France and Spain and were able to keep it as comfortably and economically possible. Foodwise Thanks to the little refrigerator (installed on gas in the van), we were always able to stock up enough…

The best way to stay strong

I turned to Eline and asked our Surfermonkey companion and foodie expert on what’s best to eat when you want to keep yourself fit and build up a strong and healthy body.

What surfboard fits you the most?

 As a good friend once told me: “You need to find a board which allows you to catch the most waves. That’s how you improve, and that’s how you enjoy it.”