This is how she describes passion

Surfer Léa Brassy, who has her roots in Northern France, gave up her home, kissed family and friends goodbye to go and live the outdoor life. Addicted to her nomadic life on the road, she ends up in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. This video contains an inspiring story to watch, also lets us listen to some wise words of this surfer girl. I enjoyed her view on the simplicities of life. Her vision on how we should live amongst nature and her opinion on not having a lot of stuff but taking the time to go out and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer – especially if you are privileged to enjoy it in freedom and have the choice to shape your own life. This might be one of the most beautiful interviews about a passion I’ve watched recently – makes me wanna go out and catch some outdoor fun too, so I’m off to go climbing today ; – )
So how about you guys, got any fun things scheduled for today? Let me hear it!

                                         “I definitely think all we need is love and passions – Léa Brassy”
                                               –   Ah, Léa….so true!

Directed: Sarah Menzies, Let Media
and Produced: Sarah Menzies, Let Media
Presented: Patagonia
Featuring: Léa Brassy


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