Under the arctic sky

The new film ‘Under the arctic sky’  of the famous surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkard has recently been released on Netflix. Obviously we couldn’t wait to check it out.
Was the trailer promising? Yes, yes it was. Did we love it? Yes, yes we did!

Comfort zone

“Always since the beginning of time it’s been imperative for human growth to get outside your comfort zone. To challenge yourself.” – Under the arctic sky

Burkard captures stories to inspire us and to make us think about the relationship we have with nature. Driven by adventure, surf and lifestyle subjects, Burkard’s images shows us the wild landscapes of the furthest places we can imagine.  Under the Arctic sky shows the most remote corners of Iceland in the middle of winter. Six surfers travel along the rough and freezing shores of Iceland in search of perfect surf.  While they try to make their way through constant darkness and stormy seas, they manage to find clean, perfect waves and surf while above them shines the northern lights.

Have you watched it? Tell us what you think!


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