Book review: I love the seaside

What is it?
Besides a great gift idea for a fellow seaside lover or surfer, this surf- and travel guide takes you on a journey along Europe’s finest coastlines. This guide has tons of useful information about the surf spots and the local community, what really comes in handy because every place has different local traditions and hidden treasures to discover. It explains also where you can go sightseeing, where the sweet spots are to eat and sleep with some handy camping tips. We also get a look into the inspiring lives of artists, surf shapers and local brands which I find a nice little extra.

How does it look like?
The lay-out is vivid and appealing with beautiful surf and landscape photography of Melchior van Nigtevegt and Marinus Joris. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Dutch editor Alexandra Gossink and her partner Geert-Jan Middelkoop has put in a lot of work in this book and with great success, but it is a big boy with some weight. So if you’re backpacking you cannot really take it with you (best do some study work before you go). Traveling by car or van? I love the seaside has enough information to keep you busy throughout your trip. Every region has it’s own chapter, starting with Brittany all the way to south Portugal, describing the local tradition and dishes, tips to explore the off the beaten track and where to surf the best waves.

Is it only for surfers?
Nope, not really. Obviously, it is made by surfers but the thing I find so good about this book is that it’s not made only for surfers.
I love the seaside gives us enough tips and info about where to find nice hiking trails, where you can rent a bike (I really like this one), where the local surfboard repair shops are and so on. Even where you can drop in a yoga class nearby!
So if you’re not a surfer but traveling with one, you will not get bored while your travel companion is in the water (reading the entire book will already take you some time). There is enough in it to find out and give it a go.

Is it Surfermonkey approved?
Yup. Thumbs up!
Although it is a heavy and thick book, it is a beautiful book nonetheless.
A complete guide and a great gift idea for a fellow surfer or seaside enthusiast.









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