Tips for wintersurfing.

Being a Belgium based surfer means surfing trough rain and snow. For better or for worse, when the waves are good, the waves are good and we don’t get good surf everyday. But keeping up the stoke when it’s -3° outside is not always easy. 
I’m failing to get my motivation high lately and it is only the beginning of winter. It could be because of the climbing bug that’s been distracting me, but I have to admit, every time I know there might be surf, I look outside to see the frosty weather and think about surfing in these freezing conditions….brrrr, no way! I’m out. On purpose, I’m not even checking out the surf forecast. But, in the end it brings me no surf and I’m on land watching pictures on Facebook of fellow Belgian surfers catching beautiful waves surrounded by a snowy beach. This is not gonna work. So yeah, out comes the boots and gloves and cap. We’re gonna surf through wintertime – Neptune, have mercy on me…
Cutting out all the drama. Here’s my list of 11 ways to brace yoursel for the winter surf.

1.Having the right gear
So, so important. You’d be tough as a polar bear if you can surf for at least an hour without a 4/5MM thick winter wetsuit. Your boots keep your feet warm, your cap keeps your head from getting brainfreezed to the bone and if you want to be able to hold your car key after surf, wear your gloves during.

2.Remember why
Because if you don’t go, you will miss out on some good waves.

3.It can come down to good tunes
When driving to the surf spot, put on some good tunes to keep the stoke and energy high.

4.Find a surfbuddy who is as crazy as you
So you won’t end up always being the one motivating the others

5.Make yourself a thermos of hot tea, chocolate milk or coffee
Because it feels so good to drink it after your surf session

6.Bring a hot-water bottle
And wrap your towel around it so it can warm it up while your surfing.

7.When getting in…
Remember to keep on paddling. Paddling keeps you warm.

8.When getting out…
Jog to your car, jump up and down, get those gloves off and be fast to unlock your car before your fingers are frozen numb.

9.Drink enough water
This really has nothing to do with temperature, but it’s important to stay hydrated.

10.Brace yourself. Winter’s coming
You know it’s gonna be cold. Eat healthy and eat allot.  I’m not saying you should non-stop shove junkfood in your face, but it is okay to add a little bit of extra fat around your bones during wintertime. It keeps you warm.

11.If you missed out on surf
No shame. Go get it next time. 🙂

How about you? Would you be up for a winter surf? 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Londyn North says:

    The cold is no fun. These are some great tips!!


    1. Surfermonkey says:

      Hi Londyn North thanks! Last time I was happy with my hot tea 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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