Yoga for Surfing.


Yoga builds up a stronger, more flexible, healthier body, which also helps with surfing. If you want to improve in the water, I invite you to dive into the yoga journey and, who knows, you might be surprised that it will improve so much more in your life than just your surfing.

Yes to yoga

If you’re interested in making the yoga commitment, try to find a good teacher whom you can relate to. Spend a lazy afternoon browsing books and the
internet for more information: there are so many different types of yoga that it might take you some time to figure out what is the best fit for you. After one year of searching and trying out different styles, I’m still discovering which yoga practice is best for me. Yoga is so much more than doing poses on your mat or on the beach (yoga on the beach is actually quiet tricky trying to keep your balance in the sand). Don’t get discouraged if you’re not yet able to do the cool-looking-poses you see on social media, they can be really inspiring for some, however yoga is about practicing your breathing, the asanas and medidation. It’s a very personal journey. You cannot take pictures all the time while practicing, right? So whenever you feel discouraged, just smile and breathe and say: f*ck it. Go at your own speed, find your own thing in yoga and enjoy the ride.

Yoga? No, thank you
If you’re not much of a yoga type, but you want to build up strength and flexibility in your body, then I would recommend running, swimming and full body workouts. Don’t forget to stretch and keep your body flexible!

Whatever floats your surfboard. As long as you’re able to paddle out and catch plenty of waves. That’s what’s it all about anyway.




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