This is how she describes passion

Surfer Léa Brassy, who has her roots in Northern France, gave up her home, kissed family and friends goodbye to go and live the outdoor life. Addicted to her nomadic life on the road, she ends up in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. This video contains an inspiring story to watch, also lets us listen…

The Mystery Blogger Award

  I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by ScrappyYoga. Thanks, ScrappyYoga! I like reading about this Santa Cruz surfer. It’s great to stay tuned with other surfer girls and see what they’re up to. As per the instructions, here are the rules and explanation of the award copy and pasted below.  What is a…

There is a big love for longboarding and here’s why

Longboarding Cruizing on the waves You paddle and slide And enjoy the ocean’s energy Longboarding – surfing with surfboards taller than 9 inch – is a whole different feel than when you’re out with a shortboard. Instead of an explosive style of surfing, you can relax and let the wave do the work. And honestly,…

3 ways to take a pounding

A wipe-out isn’t usually the worst that can happen during surfing, but how to wipe out the best?

Movie review: Under the arctic sky

The new film ‘Under the arctic sky’  of the famous surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkard has recently been released on Netflix. Obviously we couldn’t wait to check it out.